Practice with Megan
Our tribe loves Saturdays because that means we are practicing with island vibes & ocean rhythms. Megan guides us weekly from her tropical Costa Rican home.
Megan Panchinin

My practice began decades ago, taking me al over the world, but more importantly has taken me deeper into myself than I ever imagined.
My practice over the years has generally been very vigorous, high intensity, and advanced. However, as I'm getting older, I now appreciate a gentler more basic practice focusing on therapeutics. 

As a dedicated teacher extending from my devotion to growth, I can't wait to share her experience, perspective, and healing touch with students ready to ignite the fire within. My teaching style has also calmed down with my own desire to offer my students a challenge, while maintaining a gentler touch. Working wise, rather than hard if you will.

"I feel really strongly about the value of this information and what it has to offer. It's bringing mindfulness into the mundane."

Four Pillars to Good Health

Grab a Chair, Wall & an Open Mind. 
Stay awhile... you just might learn something💫

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