Weight Bearing Wings

Learning to bear a healthy load takes awareness of & accountability to the subtle details necessary to avoid default patterning of heaviness and hyperextension.  Enjoy this warming sequence as we work with weight one 1 arm as well as whole body push ups expanding radiant heart to stay light, buoyant, and free in your joints

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Bowspring Beginnings

Begin your Bowspring journey to a dynamic, resilient, & healthy spine through this Introductory Series led by Susan Schroeder. This unique program is designed to help you recognize & release unhealthy patterning, highlight & strengthen new sustainable pathways of physical movement & empower an outlook of hope & promise in what IS humanly possible. Never before has there been a more relevant time to break the cycle of outdated beliefs; our bodies are meant to heal, join in the process of awakening to a new Form & Function. Dedicate this time, from the comfort of your own home, to try a new normal & experience a truly incredible lightness of being.
All physical levels are welcome & encouraged to dive into this insightful program. Gain Immediate access to ALL 10 levels upon purchase.

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