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Find Susan's inspirational & empowering teaching 5 days each week and discover what you are really made of. From athletes to aging bodies, everyone will benefit in their practice from these inspiring & eye opening classes dedicated to Make Greatness Normal.
Susan Schroeder

Susan has been moving & shaking since her early years as a dancer, swimmer, and all around active kid.  This led to her lifelong passion for body integrity & intelligence. Yoga has been an anchor in her adult life and while the beauty and creativity of yoga's outer form has appealed to her artistic nature, function and sustainability drive her into the future for a lifelong, evolving practice.

As a teacher, Susan leaves no stone unturned and guides you to access deeper potential within than you ever thought possible.  With her detailed eye, she offers direct and powerful feedback to advance your practice in every class. She'll open your body while she opens your mind and heart to the broad horizons of your unfolding journey.


Join Susan for this 3 Part Series introducing the importance of the BASICS to begin your meditation practice and your journey to Source within you. Make sure to catch the BONUS Intro video before you begin and set your eyes on a horizon to complete this tutorial and being your Transformation!

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Vertical Core

Our roots give us nourishment, strength, & confidence to DIG IN to our greatest expressions of SELF, tap your depths to reach for more!

#1 Central Channel
#2 Radiant Heart
#3 Dynamic Neutral
#4 Horizon Eyes

Awaken Your Sleepy Hollows

VW Founder, Susan Schroeder, partners with Akasha Studio Trinidad for our next 4-Part Series focusing on the powerful hydraulic pumps in the 'HOLLOWS' of our body.  Join this intermediate series as we dive DEEP & WIDE to discover our true 'sprungload' capabilities.  Perfect for advancing students familiar with the Bowspring algorithm ready to up-level your practice & expand your knowledge of this integral methodology.

#1 Original hollows- Central Channel & Navel
#2: Spring Hands & Feet
#3: Wings System
#4: Hydraulic Roots

Original Hollows: Central Channel & Navel
Spring Hands & Feet
Wings System
Hydraulic Roots

Accelerate Body Consciousness

5 Steps to Quantum Advancement in your Physical Prowess, Mental Acuity, & Superhuman Senses ABC's for 2019

Susan shares 5 LIVE Trainings to step into your physical best from the inside out. Feel decades younger, release old patterning, empower your relationships, enhance professional impact, broaden your future horizons & shine your brightest with BASIC, easily applicable & transformative ACTION STEPS for 2019 to be the year YOU Make Greatness Normal.

ABCs #2
ABCs #3
ABCs #4
ABCs #5

Bowspring Beginnings

Begin your Bowspring journey to a dynamic, resilient, & healthy spine through this Introductory Series led by Susan Schroeder. This unique program is designed to help you recognize & release unhealthy patterning, highlight & strengthen new sustainable pathways of physical movement & empower an outlook of hope & promise in what IS humanly possible. Never before has there been a more relevant time to break the cycle of outdated beliefs; our bodies are meant to heal, join in the process of awakening to a new Form & Function. Dedicate this time, from the comfort of your own home, to try a new normal & experience a truly incredible lightness of being.
All physical levels are welcome & encouraged to dive into this insightful program. Gain Immediate access to ALL 10 levels upon purchase.

Central Axis
Beginnings Wings
Weight Bearing Wings
Beginning Roots
Deeper Roots
Beginning Belly
Longer Belly
Neck Beginnings
New Beginnings
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