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Activate Your BackBody: 2020

Activate your BackBody w/Paris Latka
Dynamic Exercise: 12 Part OnDemand Series
Is getting in shape one of your goals for 2020? Are you ready to switch up your exercise regimen and experience your body differently? Want to strengthen and lift your booty and nourish your lower back as a result? 

Activate your BackBody is an online program designed to switch up your exercise routine and turn on muscles that have been sleeping, give you a great workout, and an opportunity to connect more deeply by igniting & awakening your entire self! All types of bodies are welcome.

Join Paris Latka for this online program to learn how activate your BackBody, feel more confident and powerful in your whole body and experience a deeper connection to your greatest Self through the Bowspring method*.

*The Bowspring is a revolutionary approach to body alignment that can be easily applied to all areas of life. This dynamic method bases itself on the natural curves of the spine, ‘open’ posture, & uniform muscle engagement to create more space & allow for graceful, pain-free movement! Guided by the inspiring Paris Latka, this series is guaranteed to be playful, educational and elevating for ALL Levels.