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12 Step Series

12 Step Series for Conscious Movement
January - March 2020
4 Pillars of Health: 
January 8 - January 25th:

How to align mind and body in your everyday activities. Functional movement to shift patterns and habits. Posturing for health! 

Fundamentals: Home Practice Essentials
February 5 - February 26
In this four week module, we will work on yoga basics. We will cover breathing techniques and beginner asana giving you an opportunity to experience what a consistent mind body practice can do to reduce pain, decrease stress, bringing balance and harmony. 

4 Weeks of Fire 🔥
March 4 - March 25 

In this 4 week module, we will work on intermediate and advanced asana. This will be playful and stimulating, pushing the limits, and stepping into the fire! With a strong understanding of the fundamentals, we can stoke the flames and dive more deeply into our practice.

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