Against All Odds.

Happy Monday Villagers, 

This weekend was a doozy. The new moon, solar eclipse, road to Winter Solstice is getting more interesting day by day. Our musing message today comes rich with encouragement and empathy for us all (complete with the soothing soundtrack of a rushing creek in a Colorado mountain town). The next few weeks will likely prove to be intense, potent and very effective- in those long term cosmic evolutionary benefits kind of way. Be with your process, watch the shifts and expand into the pressure building.  Against all the external forces pressing against your edges from all directions- PUSH. Expand into the furthest reach from the most power & connected core. You are magnetic.  Let's polish up the Diamond inside and help you reclaim your path, your presence, your Purpose!

Start your 1:1 journey at a HUGE discount. Enjoy $311 OFF of a 3 Month Journey, normally priced at $1008.  Through Winter Solstice it's just $697... why wait. Gift yourself the Return of Spirit our world is needing now.  Cath our message above to be inspired to reconnect with yourSelf to play Big against all odds.