Practice with Paris
Thursday mornings will bring back the Pep in Everyone's Step.  Paris is sure to brighten your day with her infectious smile, her encouraging style, and her feminine wiles.  Be prepare to laugh, play. dance, and most importantly... Grow!
Paris Latka
One of the aspects that gets me most excited about movement therapy (especially with the Bowspring) is that the learning never stops. I consider myself a "forever student" and share my teachings from this space. Only from being a student can one teach. 

I have been practicing Bowspring for six years and teaching for four years. The results I continue to see in both myself and my clients from this practice continue to amaze me and this inspires my yearning to learn and share more!
"Thank you for riding your horse of YES into this space and showing up! Obviously you are aware of the importance of turning your back body on- because you're here. .. Just know that you are benefitting your whole entire being and also preparing a space inside your body to experience a deeper connection with SELF. So, We're doing a LOT Of things here...!"



#1 Activate
#2 Central Channel
#3 Radiant Heart
#4 Roots
#5 Roots
#6 Wings
#7 Wings
#8 Spools
#9 Spools
#10 Crown
#11 Crown
#12 Synergize
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