Practice with Katie
Monday & Wednesday evenings bring our tribe a deeply restorative opportunity to show up, be seen, and find a pathway for true healing as we embrace the nuance of our untapped potential.  Katie sweetly guides all levels back to center.
Katie Ward

As a student, I am curious and passionate. Through my practice, I am continuously discovering hidden aspects of my mind, body, capabilities, and potentials. I look forward to each and every activation because they are surprising, informative. and exciting! I love unfolding new layers of intrinsic patterning through movement. New opportunities to learn and grow within myself are presented which evolve my perspective and dimensionality. Bowspring has allowed me to tap into the best version of myself, and for that, I am truly grateful.

I like to fine tune basic alignment to stimulate the mind and relax the body. Articulating the importance of engaging the mind and body as a whole has become my focus. I encourage my students to challenge themselves with compassion and to soften forceful effort. My goal is for each student to experience some degree of release (physical or emotional) through mindful movement. 

"It's a different template to explore alignment... and it is fascinating to me! The biology of humanity just became so insightful for me in my body. I've had a lot of time to explore how I want to articulate my classes, how I want to be able to move within MY body and help others move within their bodies, too. "


Enjoy these powerful, quick tutorials to shape up your practice with subtle details to advance anyone's practice.

Power of the Breath
Mindful Transitions
Resetting the Nervous System
Awaken & Reset
Central Channel Activation
Conscious Arms
Seed Hands Quickie
Vertical Alignment & Patterns
Balancing Act
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