New Year Forecast Full Moon Circle

Learn to Ride the Waves of  Natural Time as we shift into a brand new year.

Yellow Electric Seed Year 
"I Activate in order to Target
Bonding Awareness
I Seal the Input of Flowering
With the Electric Tone of Service
I am Guided by the Power of Elegance."

Susan prepares our tribe for the shifting tides ahead. Capture the energies of this July FULL MOON, Guru Purnima, and devote time to the grand mystery of life, the Greatest teacher of all. Cultivate a quiet space within your open heart & feel into the powerful dilemma upon our collective human destiny. As we tap our wellspring of wisdom on this Friday's fullness, may we welcome spontaneous knowing, clarity, and empowered direction towards our greater purpose. 

Excerpt below from
"The essential question is: What brings you electric joy to be alive? If you don’t know yet, then investigate, be curious and receptive. When you feel subtle or strong callings of your soul’s activation, of your passion - follow that! Cultivate, nourish and root to that inner enlivened realm."