Thursday -Sadhana Sessions

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We are gonna slow it waaaaay down. If you are looking for a workout that will get you sweaty, this is not your class. Anne Borders helps you take on the task of creating a healthy container with which you can take on the world or that hot yoga class you were thinking about. This is about moving the needle on our journey as a player in the world. You can do these practices whether you are 9 or 90. What is really being offered?? Just 20 plus years of yoga, movement, study, spiritual seeking boiled down into some small but mighty exercises for the Body-Mind. 
Week 1: Barely Moving Yoga – less is more here
Week 2: Breathing with Intention
Week 3: Quieting the Mind – or not quieting the mind and being ok with it.
Week 4: Being a friend to yourself
Week 5: Brain yoga – reworking your narrative
Week 6: Self care doesn’t mean bubble baths
Week 7: Movement – mindful, gentle, and life changing
Week 8: Poetry – I know you may think about skipping this one. Don’t.
Week 9: Quiet Time – you’re ready for it

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