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Fluid Translations and Inversions on the Wall

Fluid translations and inversions on the wall increased our sense of curiosity and play while challenging our limitations.


Put your hands on your butt and open your thighs with enlivening postures to wake up your hips.

The Active Seat.

We used 2 chairs to assist in discovering new way to position yourself while driving or while seated at a desk. We focus on Blossoming the radiant heart

Lean into the power of your back-body

As the back-body awakens it supports opening your front and side bodies for a fully alive experience.

Real Time Feedback

Our nervous systems often react from patterned triggers and automated responses stemming from past experience. Allow the resilient bounce of your stability ball to imprint real time feedback for your effort and approach to full body engagement.

Focus, Feel, & Flow

We focus on the unconscious, internal movement of the body while incorporating a dynamic flow with a mindful body and intensional energy.

Ribs and resistance bands!

Expand your ribs and let the resistance band support you in activating your back body ūüĒ•

Spring Rebirthing

There is a newness begging to be birthed, push through an old skin and reveal an updated version of yourself this equinox season. Grab your ball and find some deep stretching to untangle the many layers of outdated patterning.  Learn to rely less on your outer strength and learn to feel the inner power approach to life- in balance.

Ground Into Intention

Moving through grounded postures with a blanket under the knees helps to slowly prepare the body to move more fluidly. We rise and fall, expand and contract, like the breath that gives us life. We finish class with intent and a roller to shear the base of the skull and hydrate the tissues and calm the mind.

Spring Spine TuneUp

Wake up your Back Body as you tend to the natural curvature of your spine. Join Megan in this focused practice to wake up more inner strength and power for long term health for our spine, particular for the neck and cervisal spine.

Holy Hips.

Balancing your pelvis and hips takes deep re-patterning from the front to the back of your powerful hip joints.  Take some time to create your seat, first on the floor, before then standing up in hopes to sustain your open hips throughout a one legged balance challenge.  ***Highlighted Class of the Week

Hamstrings & Back Body

Learning to feel into a space you cannot see with your eyes takes practice and curiosity to awaken a new dimension of You.  Challenge your sensitivity and engagement up the whole back chain of the body and learn to balance out the over working front body with the invisable yet powerful support of the Back Body.

Lower Leg Balance

Lower Leg Balance Join Susan for this explorative class highlighting awakening & strengthening our lower body hollows moves energy, brings balance to asymmetries and cultivates a healthier relationship between our edges and our magnetic core.

Power Up!

This Class will get your heart pumping and your brain thinking as you observe mobile imbalancecs and from within. Power up to next level potential.

Shoulder Symmetry

Grab a block and lie down with the attention focusing on the health & relationship of your shoulder girdle. Find a healthy & sustainable approach to the healthy edge of your range of motion and breathe equanimity, with balanced expanse, in all directions. With support rising from underneath the shoulders will open, broaden, lighten their load to let your hea...

Hallelujah Hamstrings!

Tap into active hamstrings with a block and gentle pulsing. Wake up to the glory of your powerful Roots system and stand strong in your full heart!

Belly Pulse

Starting with a long and playful backbend over the ball, this core focused class gives you access to the perpetual growth and evolution that arises from your own inner pulse.  Yoga balls give you the chance to extend your holds in open postures and still feel the maximum support from your back body's natural curves.

Melted Monday

Challenge your proprioception with supine balance on the roller then reinsert and rehydrate the low body with gentle compression and release techniques with the roller.

Wrist & Carpel Tunnel Health

Take some time to practice weight bearing in your arms at the wall. Slow down and build focus on your hands, wrists, and forearms to hold your own and in a balanced & Intelligent way.  Take care of your body and watch your body take great care of you right back!

It Works if You Work It!

Once we know, action is the only way. This practice builds on last weeks' arm toning using the subtle squeeze of the fingers into the resilience response from the yoga ball.  We move beneath the wings to the roots of their connection to the core of the body and. Find the true support form the inside as we build more strength and tone for the entire wing syst...