Practice with Anne
Tuesday nights with Anne always make for a smooth week's flow. 
With her healing presence and insightful challenges, Anne's classes always seem to hit the spot. Be Still & Be Amazed at Your Grace.
Anne Borders

No stranger to discipline and devotion, Anne's practice began humbly and unfurled to great opportunities for growth and transformation. Anne is slow, curious, intentional and determined to attune to her bodies needs and patterns. Semi- obsessed with opposition, isometric movements and back body strengthening as that was what finally released her from long years of back pain.

Anne's teaching style asks you to upgrade your thinking on what is possible, elevate your belief in true change, embrace your future potential. As a teacher Anne is warm, accepting and yet still holds great expectations for you, the student.  She knows in that expectation lies growth and a healthy way of being in your body and mind that you may not have believed possible.  We all need those who lift us up and Anne sincerely hopes to count herself amongst those. 

“Appreciate that you have landed in this place, in this moment. Taking time to honor yourself, your own journey. Welcome to your path to yourself, that inner journey, that we are each intimately responsible for.  It’s not something we are able to delegate. Whether we choose or whether life becomes our teacher, we will learn one way or the other. I salute YOU. I see YOU. I appreciate YOU.”

Sadhana Sessions

Tap into your wellspring DAILY.  Explore these Videos series dedicated to a spiritual practice and meditation study. Dive into You and Make Greatness Normal.

#1 Barely Moving Yoga
#2 Breath w/Intention
#3 Quiet the Mind
#4 Befriend Yourself
#5 Brain Yoga: Rework Your Narrative
#6 Self Care: It's not just bubble baths
#7 Movement
#8 Poetry.
#9 Quiet Time.

Living Your Yoga

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Living Your Yoga
Spirit Seeking
Letting Go.
Self Judgement
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